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What is your
ecological footprint?

I live in
in a ,
which I share with .

For the size of my home, my heating/cooling bills are .
I buy my electrcity from
and I tend .

I travel mostly by
and usually go on holiday

I am
and usually eat .

I produce amount of waste, most of which is .

your ecological footprint is {{ total_ef_inc_biodiversity|number:2 }} global hectares (estimated)

if everyone lived like you, we'd need {{ planets|number:1 }} planets to support global consumption

{{ answers.efficiency|number:0 }}% "efficiency optimism" (assumed improvement in efficiency of
delivering goods, services and utilities)

{{ answers.biodiversity|number:0 }}% land for other species

your carbon footprint is {{ total_co2|number:2 }} tonnes CO2 (estimated)

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